Horses Sold
We are honored that we have been able to introduce so many people to the Rocky Mountain Horse and that in doing to so have added so many people to our circle of friends.

SOLD – Fearless Power – "Shelby"

Shelby - Blue Ribbon
April 5, 2010/15HH
Fearless X Power of the Master (a Power Stroke mare) – View Pedigree
Silver Buckskin – EeAanZ

We added this lovely mare to our herd in 2016 and her name says it all! She can pick ‘em up and put them down all day and what a smooth smooth ride! Thanks to Pam Hofer and Vernon Stamper for this nice mare!


May 6, 2007
Luke X Tom Cat’s Image  – View Pedigree
Silver Buckskin – EE Aa nCR ZZ

A wonderful mare with conformation, gait and temperament. And WOW does she make great babies! Check out CR’s Pale Ale

SOLD – CR’s The Natural – "Hobbs"

Hobbs - headshot
SLS Troubadour X Cid’s Figurine
April 19, 2020
Grullo Colt

What a pretty boy Hobbs is and he has very cool primitive markings. He will head to his new owner in Southern California upon weaning….can’t wait to see how he grows up!

SOLD – CR’s A League of Her Own – "Dottie"

LHV Shake Rattle & Roll X McGuires George Ellen
April 20, 2020
Bay Filly – EE AA!!!

I still can’t believe I sold this filly. She is simply fantastic. Big, beautiful bone and neck, smart, did I say pretty, super gaited and homozygous agouti – What was I thinking? But she is going to a good friend and breeder in Texas and will have the best of homes. Congrats to her new owner and can’t wait to see how she grows up!

SOLD – Halal’s Mocha Gail – "Libby"

Libby - headshot
RDJs Remington East X Windy Gail
May 16, 2010
Silver Black (Chocolate) Roan Mare

I bought this pretty little roan after seeing her at the RMHA International and she won me several ribbons in our first year showing. I intended to keep her but a good friend of mine was contemplating giving up riding and I knew this mare was just the ticket to keep her safe – and so she was. We celebrated her 80th birthday with a long safe trail ride – thanks for being such a great mare Libby.

SOLD – Hickory Ridge’s Tonto – "Oscar"

Oscar - headshot
Hickory Ridge X Midnight Jewell
September 26, 2014
Silver Buckskin Gelding

One of the prettiest Rocky geldings I have ever laid my eyes on! Was hard to sell this one but ya can’t keep them all. This boy went to a wonderful trail home in Oregon and is living the good life.

SOLD – T’s Terrible Tommy – "Tanner"

Tanner - headshot
Tomas T X Zanna’s Sahara Chief
April 15, 2005
Silver Black (chocolate) gelding

This is one fine gelding. We won a third place buckle in the CA State Trial Trails Championship when he was only 3 and he carried me for over 5000 miles through the coast and mountains of our lovely state. Tanner now resides in Oregon – another perfect home for him and the perfect horse for her. Thanks for taking such good care of this very special boy.

SOLD – Classie Lassie – "Derby"

Derby - headshot
Dixon’s Smoking Coke X Pride’s Midnight Walker
Feb 11, 2003
Silver Black Mare

Derby was one of the first horses I bought in Kentucky. Beautiful and super gaited. Derby landed a great home in Southern California where she has finished in the Top placement and Best in Condition in several endurance races and won several blue in the show ring.

SOLD – CRs Hammerin’ Hank – "Hank"

Ramblin’ Romeo X Senorita
Foaled March 23, 2016
RMHA Papers Pending
Silver Black (Chocolate) – EeaaNZ

Hank would be a good addition for anyone looking for a smooth Rocky to train and ride or anyone looking for a nice Chocolate stud colt that does not carry the red gene! He is a grandson of Ramblin’ Rex and Spanish Sundown! Already gaiting and loves to show off his natural abilities!

SOLD – Blue Boy’s Mountain Whisper – "Whisper"

May 7, 2012/15HH
Pence’s Blue Boy X Cantrell’s Ginger (a Johnson’s Toby mare)
RMHA 2012044899
Silver Bay – EEAaNZ

Whisper joined our herd in the fall of 2015 and what a joy she is. Soft, willing temperament and a gait that goes all day long. I was searching for a Silver Bay (red chocolate) when I went to the 2015 International RMHA show and fell in love with Whisper – thank you Allan and Gayle Cantrell for trusting me with this girl. She continues to amaze me with her intelligence and maturity on the trail and I am sure will be a regular in our trail and pack string!

SOLD – DJ’s Spanish Slate

RMHA & KMSH Grullo Gelding
Steely X Sam’sSons Amulet – View Pedigree
April 20, 2014
13.2 HH
PSSM Negative

Slate is a beautiful, solid built gelding who exhibits all the characteristics of the Rocky Mountain breed – willing temperament, easy to handle, natural gait and is everything you would want in a trail companion.

SOLD – Speckled Blue Girl

Union Blue X Chico’s Danny Girl (an Anna’s El Chico mare) – View Pedigree
April 27, 2004/14.3HH
RMHA 2004012378
KMSHA 200410319
Silver Black Roan – EeaaNZNRn

Speck was our first breeding mare and is one of my 2 main trail horses. And talk about gaited – probably the smoothest Mountain horse I have ever had the pleasure to ride. Speck had a fantastic foal in 2013 out of Maine’s V Shadrack – can’t say enough about that Stallion and that little filly!

SOLD – CRs Ready or Not

Ready or Not
Steely X Senorita
Foaled May 15, 2014
RMHA 2015484085

Lista was our first home bred foal and by her name you can probably guess that she was a month early. This little filly has just been a joy to raise and train and has gaited along in the pasture pretty much from day 1!

SOLD – CRs Light Up the Sky

Maine’s V Shadrach X Speckled Blue Girl
Foaled May 23, 2014
RMHA 2015484084

Like all our foals, Sky was handled daily since she was born and quickly progressed through our training program. She loves people and loves to work. Sky now lives with a great family and when she gets old enough, you just might see her competing in the Tevis Cup!

SOLD – Ace’s Casino Royal

Ace of Spades X Cocoa Sierra
Foaled April 2, 2011
RMHA 2011043995
Black Gelding

Casino is a gorgeous black gelding with a super sweet personality. He has logged lots of trail miles and has a fantastic gait.

SOLD – CAF Appalachian Jester

Jester Head
Owens’ Choctaw X Blue Ridge Miss Scarlett
Foaled April 28, 2014
RMHA 2014483663
Silver Bay (red chocolate) gelding

SOLD – Acadiana’s Black Onyx – "Nyx"

March 6, 2014
Stardust’s Steely Dan X-File’s X-Presso – View Pedigree
Black – EE

Onyx is a lovely big black mare we brought home this spring. She’s a very pretty girl and is going to be a big girl too. We will be starting her on the trail this fall.

SOLD – BB Perfecta – "Modoc"

April 4, 2009/14.3HH
Spanish Sundown X Perfecta (a Buddy Roe daughter) – View Pedigree
RMHA 2009042375
Silver Black – EeaaNZ

Modoc was the first young horse we started. Ron bought her as his retirement project as a yearling from David Shewmaker in Kentucky. Pretty as the day is long with her white blaze and four white socks not to mention her flaxen mane and tail. Modoc has matured nicely and is now one of our best trail horses.

SOLD – Senorita

February 28, 2004/14.2 HH
Spanish Sundown X Midnight Shadow (a Reb’s Big Shot mare) – View Pedigree
RMHA 2004011979
Grulla – EenDn (no silver)

Ron took me horse shopping in Kentucky for by birthday and Senorita was the cute grulla mare that I picked out. When I sat down with David Shewmaker on my birthday to seal the deal, I found out this mare was also born on my birthday so I guess it was just meant to be. Didn’t hurt that she has such a nice pedigree and has that nice solid build!

In addition, Senorita is one of those trail horses anyone can ride – calm, steady, dependable with a nice easy gait. She produced a nice colt out of Ramblin’ Romeo (Ramblin Rex X Carmella – a Sam Clemon’s Tim mare) this spring – CRs Hammerin’ Hank.

SOLD – CR’s Pale Ale – "Brew"

Foaled April 2018
LVH Shake Rattle & Roll X FEFMH Bonita
Silver Perlino – EE AA nCR nZ

Ron took me horse shopping in Kentucky for by birthday and Senorita was the cute grulla mare that I picked out. When I sat down with David Shewmaker on my birthday to seal the deal, I found out this mare was also born on my birthday so I guess it was just meant to be. Didn’t hurt that she has such a nice pedigree and has that nice solid build!WOW! It this guy a Buckskin machine or what! Not only does he have cool color genetics (always a bonus) but he gaits gaits gaits all day long, has perfect old time Rocky conformation, and is sweet as the day is long! He is now in Kentucky with my good friend Tracy Burchell – Blue Moon Farms! I am excited to see how he grows up.

SOLD – RMT Rock Revival

Foaled October 23, 2015/14.2HH
Rocky V’s Reb X Foxy Brown
Silver Bay – Ee AA nZ

This is what a Rocky Mountain colt should look like! Big and bulky foundation build and gaits everywhere – this boy does not put a foot down wrong. And you would not know he is a stallion. I have reluctantly put him up for sale as I just don’t have enough time. Would love to see him stay a stallion but he would make a great gelding.

SOLD – QV Envi Me

September 25, 2009
Crooked Creek’s Hondo X Raven Rio
Bay – EA Aa

I was searching for a Bay to add to the herd and this mare has exceeded my expectations. She has a “Spanish” look to her and can gait all day long! It was not my plan to sell her as she was one of my favorite riding horse but the right situation just came along so now I get to ride with her!

SOLD – CR’s White Jade

Foaled July 2017
LHV Shake Rattle & Roll X Fearless Power
Silver Perlino Filly – EE Aa CrCr Nz

Jade might be the prettiest filly ever! Stunning conformation, natural gait and sweet as the day is long. She joined the herd at HS Stables in Ewing KY and we could not be more pleased with how she has turned out!

SOLD – CR’s Nothin’ But Smoke – "Smoke" (Now Champ)

Smoke - headshot
Foaled April 17, 2017
Smokey Black Colt

Fantastic colt with fantastic conformation. So glad this boy went to an avid Rocky breeder and my good friend Marge Favors Templemire! Watch her FB site to see this boy grow up.

SOLD – CR’s Mystic Topaz

Foaled July 2017
LHV Shake Rattle & Roll X Seniorita
Bay Filly

Super pretty and sweet filly with a that dark bay color that I just love. Had I not just bought a bay mare, this filly would probably still be here, but we are so glad she when to a fellow breeder in Texas!

SOLD – Roman Beauty

March 22, 2015
Moore’s Mangnum’s Class Act X Sam’s Julia Anna
Silver Bay Filly – EE Aa nZ

This big mare ended up being the retirement training project for my best friend Monte and wow did she turn out fantastic. Looking forward to seeing this mare on the trail!

SOLD – Smokin’ Candy Cane

July 4, 2014
Blowin’ Smoke X Miss Janet’s Cotton Candy
Silver Palomino Mare

Another pretty mare that was probably about the sweetest is the pasture. Sugar was my trail project the winter of 2017 and made her buyer the perfect trail partner! She will be coming back to spend the weekend with Shake in the Spring of 2019.